Friday, June 18, 2010

Quick Comparison

This is Jack LAST year at the GiGi's walk

And this is Jack THIS year at the GiGi's walk.

I think we've got ourselves a theme here.  I guess the leisurely stroll wears him out.  Time sure goes by fast and Jack is growling so quickly.  Next year, we hope to get some action shots of Jack in the bouncer, walking in the Dash for Down syndrome and maybe one of him sleeping of course too.

Oh, and on an 'Evan' note.  He slept for almost 5 hours straight last night.  Of course the next time he was awake was two hours after that.  But maybe we are moving into a new trend here.  Or maybe I just jinxed myself for typing this.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. I wouldn't have guessed he could get much cuter than he was in last year's walk, but he proved me wrong. And his PT will be much happier with this year's picture!

  2. def a trend but at least he is a precious sleeper. Oh and congrats on the sleep routine...but you are right, don't brag b/c it always comes back to bite you :)

  3. i love the comparison pictures! you know i will be copying you soon!!!!