Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Evan!

This year has gone by way too fast.  One year ago today, I was being induced so we could meet our second son.  Those first months were rough with you wanting to be held all day long.  You've always been one that needs extra convincing, whether it's solid food, sleeping through the night or drinking from a straw.  You're constantly keeping me on my toes.  Now at the age of one (oh my), you are close to walking (please take your time), you can cruise with ease, get on and off a ride toy, tackle your brother, clap, give kisses when you want, walk holding my hands and sign "dog", "dad", "eat" and "hat."  You don't quite sleep through the night, with one nightly waking between 2-5am.  You have a sweet personality and a charming smile that gets you want you want.  Girls, beware!  You are a dare devil, always standing on top of the bike.  It's too boring just to ride.  You love to be thrown in the air and laugh hysterically for more.  You have become an adorably charming little boy and adore your big brother.  I am amazed at how easy Jack can make you laugh.  You already have your own inside jokes.  Happy Birthday sweet baby boy!  We love you, our third percentile peanut!

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One Year Old

I can't wait to see what this next year will bring; love and craziness, I'm sure.