Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jack the Music Man

Thank you SO much Grandpa Gerry and Grandma Sue for the piano!  It will fill our house with the magical sound of music.  I think Jack likes having a piano already.  There are bound to be recitals in our future.  Thank you, thank you!

And just so we don't leave Evan out, here are some shots of him.


  1. awesome gift! jack is gonna be a musical genius!
    love the added photos of evan. can i run my fingers through his hair? it looks so soft.

  2. Plop a tie on Evan and he's ready to go to work. I love the hairdo! And the fact that he's not crying.

  3. Beautiful piano and pianist! Evan is gorgeous, I love these pictures! Oh that hair!

  4. cant wait to hear his music. Great last picture of Jack with the piano. Evan is cute as ever, great hair :)