Thursday, June 24, 2010

Brothers and More

Evan is now 2 months old already.  He weighs 11lbs 6.5oz and is 22 1/4" long.  Jack was nearly 4 months old at that weight!  Yikes!

I know it looks like he is trying to eat his foot.  But, here is Jack showing him some brotherly kisses.

And the first photos of both boys.  I had five seconds to take these shots before Jack bolted, as you can see.

The only way I can get Evan to smile is to take a side shot.  He likes the exaggerated baby talk and yes, for those that are wondering, he is still colicy.

And I have to share this photo.  Jack can now finally hold his own straw cup without handles.  What a big boy!  Of course, he doesn't yet show restraint.  He likes to drink the whole cup in a matter of minutes.  And then of course proceed to wet through his whole outfit.  Luvs diapers stink!


  1. super cute photos. i wish jimmy had the same drinking problem. isa drinks the same way jack does. thank God she is potty trained.

  2. We have an 8 month old, Jack, who has DS. It is very touching to "meet" little Evan and see how your Jack is such a great big brother. Thanks for blogging :)