Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mother's Day - late I know

So things are a little busier these days with TWO boys to take care of. And I know it is almost two weeks past the day, but I wanted to show off my sweet Mother's Day cake from my boys, a few photos and my wonderful gift.

This is the tasty cake that only took two people two days to eat. You could say we have some chocoholics in the house and that might be an understatement.

My first born cutie.

My second born thinker.

And this is the gift I received from Lisa Leonard Designs.
I absolutely love love love love it!

Thank you, Husbo, for making my day perfect. And I even got a nap! Love you!


  1. What a beautiful addition to your wonderful family, Katie! Many congratulations to you and 'husbo' :) The cake is also lovely, and giving me a choco craving as I write this. lol. Happy Belated Mama's Day!

    Valerie, Anne & Bobby

  2. sweet necklace and yummy cake

  3. You are welcome...and by the way Father's Day is coming up soon? I like cake too - John

  4. My goodness! What a good guy to do all of that... way to go, John!

  5. i LOVE the necklace. super duper cute and totally want some cake! please share with me.

  6. i LOVE that necklace! what a sweet gift! :)