Saturday, May 1, 2010

First Week

Well, reinforcements finally went home (aka my Mom) and we are on our own. The day went smoothly and we are finally settling into a routine, of sorts. Both me and the two boys napped for over 2 hours today, while John did some yard work. It was heaven, I must say! I hope that nap trend continues, because Evan doesn't sleep much at night yet. He sleeps off and on, sometimes eating every 45 minutes and then I usually bring him in to bed next to me from 4am on. Then of course he sleeps until the morning. He likes the warmth and to snuggle, but I don't get sound sleep, always worrying about swashing him.

I have called in some help for this week, since I was told not to hold Jack for two weeks. I've already broken that rule today, but I need to try and take it easy. I feel so much better than after I had Jack. It's amazing the difference. Time to go relax as Jack is in bed and Evan is snoozing next to John's Mario Kart action.

Life is good!

Here are some photos from Evan's first week.


  1. What handsome boys! Congratulations to you and John! Glad you've had some reinforcements to call in. Take it easy and enjoy those naps! Valerie, Anne & Bobby G

  2. two little cutie pa tooties, you look great and hope your second week is a great one too

  3. Congrats again, Katie!! Even is so adorable. Jack must be so excited to be a big brother. Signing "baby" is huge, and proof that he will be the best big brother, EVER:) Rest well!!

  4. Oh, he's so adorable! Love the pictures Katie. Sounds like you are all adjusting well.

  5. Shannon KersemeierMay 5, 2010 at 11:15 PM

    So happy for you guys! Just caught up on all the news today--missed seeing you all at the coffee! Evan is gorgeous (in a very manly way!) and Jack looks so big and so proud! Can't wait to meet the little man in person! CONGRATS!