Monday, February 22, 2010

How to Make Applique Shirts

A few people have asked me how to get those onesies I made. John thinks I should sell them, but when exactly would I have the time? It look me months just to do 4 shirts, so I will just tell you how to make them.

1. Buy shirt/onesie you like.
2. Buy fabric(s) and thread you like and make sure they are thin rather than thick.
3. On the back of the fabric, trace the design you want remembering that it will be reversed when turned over.
4. Glue fabric to shirt with washable fabric glue.
5. Sew around the outside of pattern to make design secure.
6. Done!

Applique help:
An easy way to get an applique design is to look online and print one out. To make a shirt like the "Big Bro" one I made, use Microsoft Word to get the lettering you like and cut them out to trace on fabric. The letters must be traced on the front of the fabric, unless you have mirrored the letters. I like to trace mirrored letters on the back with pencil, so you don't have any pencil marks on the front of the fabric.

Thread help:
You can either match the fabric or choose a contrasting stitch.

Sewing help:
Stitch styles that look nice are straight stitch, zigzag stitch or pin stitch. And always always always test on a scrap piece of fabric!

Gluing help:
Make sure to put something in between the two layers of shirt, otherwise the glue will stick the two layers of shirt together.

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