Monday, February 15, 2010

Bye Bye Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is over, so now time to change my blog background yet again. It's called "lollipops" which I found appropriate since I can no longer enjoy a lollipop due to gestational diabetes. When I think about it though, it's really not that bad, it's just easy to complain about since all I crave is sweets. I thought of another benefit of having gestational diabetes. I get 2 more ultrasounds to check the size of the baby. If I didn't have GD, then I would have to wait until Jack's brother is born. That's fun to say "Jack's brother."

On Saturday we went to the Crawlers group at GiGi's Playhouse. It's always fun to see our friends and we always get great strengthening tips from the therapist that runs the group. Straight from there, we went to our first session of Sign Language. The class was just okay. It's getting extremely difficult to keep Jack still and to chase after him with a seven month bump! (Check out the "Sign Language" link on the side of the page under "Baby Things We Love." Very cool!) In the afternoon we shopped a little and everywhere we went, the salespeople kept saying they wanted to keep Jack. No way! Hands off people! =) He is a very good shopper. To celebrate Valentine's Day, as a family of three, we went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant. Jack loves the dim lights, waving to all the people and dancing his head to the mariachi band. I could not ask for better people to spend the day with.

Happy (belated) Valentine's Day!

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