Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lake Weekend

Last weekend we went up to the Lake.  It was unseasonably hot, so we spent most of the time in the shade.  Except for poor John who got his shoulders quite toasted.  And there's something about the water that is so relaxing and yet tiring at the same time.  We all went to bed early after we watched some fireworks.  Evan even slept well: eight hours one night and then (2) six hour stretches the next. OMG!  I should have taken a picture of THAT for evidence, because he hasn't done it since (of course!) and I don't have a single photo of him from the entire weekend.  Woops!  Poor Evan.  Number two always gets the shaft.


  1. I love the one of him signing "mom"...it like he wants you to save him, lol! So cute.

  2. Great pics and I love the signing mom pic too;)