Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mobile Pics

Here are some recent photos taken. Now they aren't that great of quality because they were taken by my cell phone, but they are still pretty cute and I wanted to share, since this is only my second blog post in 2010.

I thought this one was funny because with all the toys in the room, Jack found our dog's crate the most enjoyable toy. Who needs a pack-n-play when you have a dog crate?! Ha!

He also enjoys his new tent. And so do our cat and dog. There is so much hair in that tent now! Can you tell he is clapping?

A local parent support group, UPS for DownS hosted a swim party. It was quite fun. John and Jack especially had a blast! It was so nice getting out of the zero degree weather and getting into a heated pool.


  1. i love the picture with him in the crate:) i have a ton of pictures with lilly playing in our:) super cute:) oh, and the one of him clapping in the tent, you can tell how excited he is to be in there:)

  2. the crate pictures are so precious, and the swimming party seems to have agreed with him :)