Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Jack!

Today is Jack's First Birthday! I cannot believe it. My son is one year old!!! I have a one year old son. No matter how you say it. It doesn't seem possible. This first year of life went by way too fast. I have always heard parents say that and now I know what they mean. It's funny. I can't even remember him small and tiny like the newborn he was, but yet it seems like just yesterday that my doctor was telling me "We're going to admit you into Labor and Delivery now."

Happy Birthday Jack! We love you!

So you ask, what is one year old Jack up to these days? He has almost mastered the crawling! Yay! He can crawl to something when he wants, but he usually has to be prompted to do so. The remote and our dog are great luring devices. Go, go, go Jack! I will try to get video and post it later.

Happy Birthday Doodle bug!

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  1. Happy First Birthday, Jack!!! YEAH Big Boy!! : )