Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jam Packed Weekend

This past weekend was so busy, but also so much fun!  My sister and her boyfriend flew in Thursday night and we drove straight to the lake and made it just in time to get a few hours on the lake before the sunset curfew.  Here are some shots.  You would never have guessed that these two aren't wakeboarding every weekend!

The next event was a birthday party for my sis.  My Mom, step Dad and Grandma were also in town.  We are RARELY together to celebrate, so of course we partied it up, Mexican Fiesta style.

The final event was Evan's Baptism.  I was so thrilled to remember the tripod, so we could get a nice photo of everyone.

You will never guess, Evan didn't even mutter a whimper during the entire Baptism Service.  I could not believe it.  If bets would have been placed, I would have lost.  I was certain he was going to cry when the water was poured over his head.  He is definitely no longer colicy!  He was such a sweet sleeping angel.  
I wish I would have gotten a close up shot of Jack.  He looked so sharp in a blue shirt and snazzy vest.  Gerry, you are right, he COULD be a model.

I love my family so much!

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


  1. love the pictures! I'm so glad Evan is sleeping so well. You are a good Mama!

  2. That sure was one jam packed weekend!! But it looks like it was TONS of fun!! Katie, Evan is getting so big and even cuter every day!! Congrats on his baptism! And yes, Jack looks quite snazzy all dressed up!! Definitely model material!! Love him:)

  3. LOVE the pics! We had so much fun... I'm exhausted :)