Friday, April 9, 2010

My love of Etsy

It finally, not baby #2, my big handmade bag I have been patiently waiting for. I got a gift certificate (thank you sister) for my birthday. I love all the homemade purses at Retrofied, so it took me forever to decide on a bag style, fabric and then add fun options like hidden pockets and inside key hooks. I love the finished product! I plan to use it as a toy bag to take to Grandparents' homes, weekend lake bag and possibly my delivery bag. =)

If you are into crafty things, you must check out Etsy. Such fun stuff on there!

Here are some other shout-outs on Etsy.
My blogger friend's site Lil' Sis Designs
Fun fabrics at Fabricworm

And coming soon on Etsy, my sister will be opening a handmade knit shop and my friends are also opening a handmade crafts shop. I will post the links when their sites are opened.

Thank you Retrofied for my awesome bag!

Added Note:
Rebecca at Retrofied liked how my bag turned out too, she took photos and listed it in her shop!


  1. That is so pretty. I love bags but my husband thinks it's ridiculous so I don't get to buy many. If I had my way my whole house would be filled with them!

  2. Love the bag!! Thanks for the shout-out Katie!

  3. i love your purse! absolutely gorgeous.

  4. I love Amy Butler fabric!!! Nice bag:)

  5. nice bag!!!! i'll have to check them out.