Thursday, March 21, 2013

World Down Syndrome Day 2013

Today is World Down Syndrome Day!  This day, March 21st (3/21) was chosen to celebrate Down syndrome because 3/21 represents 3 copies of the 21st chromosome, otherwise known as Down syndrome. Today, on World Down Syndrome Day, I am proud to be participating in the International Down Syndrome Coalition (IDSC) "Who I Am" campaign. I support IDSC, as they believe "that all life is precious, and our children are valued, cherished, loved, and thriving" and they want the world to know it!

"Who I Am" - by Jack Gresko (answered by his Mom and Dad)
Active (he doesn't ever sit still except to watch Mickey Mouse)
Silly (he likes to break out into Gangnam style moves randomly)
Obstinate (he wants to do it himself)
Happy (especially when it comes to dancing or rough housing)
Ticklish (under his chin is his sweet spot) 
Smart (he knows over 200 ASL signs)
Tech-savvy (he can work the iPad and DVD player like an Apple employee)
Observant (he notices when baby brother's plate is empty and tells me he needs more food)
Sensitive (he doesn't like seeing people get hurt or upset, even on television) 
Inclusive (he always wants to include baby brother in our dinner prayer)
Strong (he can lift 9 lb weights on his own, we don't make him) 
Tough (he doesn't shed a tear for his yearly blood draws)
Brave (he plows forward in any new situation)
Kind (he brings baby brother his burp cloth)
Musical (harmonica and piano are his favorite instruments)
Mischievous (he likes to tip toe and hide for fun)
Organized (he likes everything lined up and put away in the correct location)
Trouble (he always heads straight to it)
Joyful (he's able to express this just through his eyes)
Talented (he can bend like a pretzel) 
Carefree (if he hears music that he likes, he will shake his booty anytime, anywhere)  
Loved (by everyone near and dear)

IDSC is also excited to share their 2013 World Down Syndrome Day Video. Please check it out, so you can see that "individuals with Down syndrome are more than their diagnosis."

Happy World Down Syndrome Day folks!  We love you Jack!  You are a wonderful son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend.


  1. Katie, I LOVE this! I need to do something similar. You are a great mom and Jack is absolutely amazing! xoxo

  2. Beautiful letter, Katie!! Well Done!!


  3. What a blessing you are Jack. You bring so much happiness, laughter and love into our lives. We were truely blessed when God chose John and Katie to be your loving parents and us to be your grandparents.

    Love you forever,

    Grandma Sue

  4. Wonderful Katie! That picture makes me smile, love it!